Bike Messenger Race

Are you into sky diving or bungie jumping?  Forget it!  Get you and your bike to New York city and race through the gridlock of taxis, MTA pee-yew-spewing buses, and crosswalks filled with impatient pedestrians and semi-conscious shoppers (not the same as pedestrians, because their feet (and wallets) are totally disconnected from their minds).

But you’re scared to ride up 6th avenue?  The Avenue of the Americas sounds no place to be trapped on two wheels?  You’re right!  It’s complete insane, but wow what a rush.  For a safer alternative, feed your inner-adrenaline junkie vicariously with this headcam video that takes you swerving through and around the obstacles course of Manhattan on a bike.

Oh, I do miss my Sunny Sunday afternoons in New York!

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