Roland La Garde Grand Vin (2003)

All lace and perfume, this lovely pearl was plucked from the most unlikely of oceans — the well airconditioned Duty Free in Bali, Indonesia (for $25 USD). It was, in a word: remarkable. Not only because it was the only decent wine I’ve tasted in Korea in months — and it really has been months — but also because it was startlingly delicate. It whispered its way to pleasure, and boy did it know what to do! For a 2003 Bourdeaux, I expected a masculine, Pay-Attention-To-Me, I’m-SO-Good, punch in the nose; but Roland La Garde delivered nothing of the sort.

Poppies, Daffodils, Rape, Mustard — I drank of Warhol Yellows and Red, swirling dainty sips of Channel.

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