Vina Carmen Merlot Rapel (2005)

It took me a moment to know where I’d seen you before — and then it hit me: Trader Joe’s. Two Buck Chuck. Yeah, I’ve had this wine before; in fact, I’ve had this wine countless times before. And you know what? It’s not that bad. But be advised: drink it quickly, and drink it with food, and by food, I mean snacks — popcorn, peanuts, anything cheap and salty will do. The wine is fine if you don’t try to make it into more than it is: a quick, cheap way to get drunk while snacking on carbs. It’s an afternoon slacker, Sunday-morning-got-nothing-to-do kind of wine. Enjoy it…for all that it never tried to become.

(10,000 won ($9) in Korean grocery store — a relative bargain!)

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