Tinto Da Talha, Roquevale (2005)

Macau is an oasis for the Asia-weary, Asia-domiciled Europhile. Arrive from the Hong Kong ferry, and all you must do is point at the map, close your eyes, and let the taxi shuttle you into Paradise.
With any luck, you’ll arrive unscathed by the sight of ghastly kitsch casinos, wincing only at the slight pull of superiority you feel in praising Macau for all its European charms.

French and Portuguese restaurants hide behind every turn of the winding, hilly roads, and at the top of one particularly fine street is a quiet wine shop where I was happy to receive my introduction to Tinto Da Talha.

Rich cherry nose and strawberry pulp find body in subtle hints of rosemary and clove; light, cedar tannins pull you from start to finish.

5 USD in Macau — yet strangely, ~15 Euros online.

Who says you can’t get something for nothing?

clipped from www.portuguesewinesshop.com

One response to “Tinto Da Talha, Roquevale (2005)

  1. does that mean we should place our orders through you?

    Sounds like a fantastic trip. How far is the Hong Kong ferry from Seoul?

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