Chateau du Muguet, Bergerac (2005) — aka CHEAP FRENCH WINE

The lights are on but nobody’s home. You could nearly forget that the dark red liquid was roaming around inside of you. It is itself a vacuum of nothingingess, an entity not even searchable on Google. It’s as if it never existed, and truly, I will not miss it. The drinker must hunt to notice anything at all; but if you are diligent in your swigs, you will eventually find there is something here after all…something opaque and unknowable. With persistence, however, you may peel that cover of nothingness back just a bit and there you have something nearly flavorful.

If you try very very hard, you might discern dark fruits: cherry, blackberry, mulberry, blueberry; a bit of green pepper. But more likely it’s my imagination, filling in the blanks for $6 thrown into a vacuum of unfulfilled hopes–a seemingly appropriate name for the Lotte Department Store’s wine cellar.

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