Time to buy Goldman?

With rampant conspiracy theories going around about Goldman orchestrating the “rescue”, it’s hard to believe they won’t rescue themselves — that, and the recent “hard money” investment by Warren Buffet raise the opportunistic question: Is now the time to buy Goldman?
clipped from dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com

Goldman Sachs Takes on ‘Dr. Doom’

In a letter to the editor, published Friday on Forbes.com, Mr. Van Praag called Mr. Roubini’s claim that the firm was losing money “curious” and suggested that it was based more on a “gut reaction” than fact. He pointed out that Goldman reported a profit in the third quarter and had done so for every quarter since the credit crunch began last summer.

Asked about Goldman’s response, Mr. Roubini told Dealbook that he meant to say that Goldman “will” lose money in the future. He went on to say that their profits were down across the board from the same time last year and that “the only reason Goldman didn’t go bust” was because of the “direct and indirect support from the Fed.”

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