Rule, Extract and Indulge — Can the “Trophy Kids” have it all?

Millenials, 18-28 year olds, make too an easy target…for their inherited prosperity, their ivy league education, their six figure salary, the jobs they used to have on Wall Street…

And now they’re on the prowl…again…this year and last year and every other year, job hunting and title skipping, they are hop scotching their way to the top, and they want your job. Or more specifically, the CEO’s job. But are their expectations outlandish?

From the WSJ, Ron Alsop’s excerpt from “The ‘Trophy Kids’ Go To Work”:

“They really do seem to want everything, and I can’t decide if it’s an inability or an unwillingness to make trade-offs,” says Derrick Bolton, assistant dean and M.B.A. admissions director at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. “They want to be CEO, for example, but they say they don’t want to give up time with their families.”

Trophy Kids can’t have it all? Who says? Stanley Bing’s Executricksters–executives who really do have it all–certainly didn’t let the grandeur or insanity of their expectations dampen their impulse to rule, extrace and indulge. Maybe we could learn something here…

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Today’s BlackBerry-wielding, expense-account impresario may think he’s invented the concept of retiring at work. But such executricks have been around as long as people have labored at tasks they’d rather not perform. Following are some of the greats in the pantheon of tricksters.

Tiberius Caesar, Ruler of Rome

Tiberius Caesar, Ruler of Rome

Ran the Roman Empire mostly from his seaside villa far from the Forum, cavorting with concubines and other less orthodox partners and killing his fair share of friends and enemies, as was the custom of the time.

Have you mastered your executricks? Take the quiz and find out.

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