What this blog is about

I’ve been awe-struck by blog reading’s rapid encroachment into my personal life — I now track about 40 blogs regularly, and I’m truly shocked that I have 1) the attention span for this and 2) the blogs themselves have proven themselves so enormously worthwhile. It’s clear that we have so much to learn from one another, if only we’ll take the time to listen and to share.

This blog represents my infinitesimally small attempt to share with others what I’ve come to understand and appreciate. It is a compendium of the many wonders of this world, spanning a variety of topics, but with special emphasis on fascinations du-jour (my fascinations, that is). As it so happens, current monopoly rights go to wine, cycling, political-economy, design, business in general and the business of innovation more specifically. I’m sure these will change — the world is simply too big.

Thanks in advance for your reading and for your comments.


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